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YouTube Launches New Comment Search Option Feature

Comments are a crucial part of the conversation on any social media platform and a great result for any digital marketing strategy, especially YouTube. An effective way for a creator to continue the conversation of their videos and build communities with their audiences to achieve lasting goals and build strong relationships.

It was very helpful for writers to create quality, informative and entertaining content with careful attention. Enjoy a conversation with the audience base and always respond to their messages. However, it was not possible to have conversations, especially when there were tons of comments in a video.

To make it more convenient for developers due to the strong commitment to the platform, YouTube created a special feature that allowed developers to interact with their target audience and respond appropriately. This newly added feature on YouTube is the comment search filter in YouTube Studio.

YouTube announced that this is the most requested feature by developers. The list of new feature options includes:

Response status

Have I already replied to this comment?

Contains questions

Does the comment contain a question?

Number of participants

Does the commentator have at least 1K / 10K / 100K / 1M / 10M subscribers?

Subscriber's intention

Does the commentator have a public subscription for me?

Membership status

Is the commentator a member?

Previously the platform had a filtration system, although it didn't work efficiently. For example, a common frustration that the business has faced in the past is the limited use of keyword research. If you have already completed the task with the keyword, you only received an exact match result. So if you search for "subs" you will only find "subs". "

With the update, YouTube now offers enough flexibility to work and achieve the goals you want, and offers protection to be more creative and efficient. Well done to the YouTube team ...!

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