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What are the Trending Technologies that changed the Digital Marketing concept!

The cutting edge technologies that changed the concept of digital marketing in 2020 are one of the most vital issues on the internet. As businesses constantly seek change and use new technology to get customers to buy more. These advanced technologies introduced in 2020 further developed the concept of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is growing all over the world and enabling the exchange of new trends and strategies between companies around the world. For the current year, the tech trends that have shaped the new concept of digital marketing include voice search, augmented reality, videos, and more. Let's examine each of them.

How can I use advanced technologies in digital marketing strategy? The most frequently asked question on the Internet is described below!

1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality is defined as the technology that creates the image using digital elements. Basically, it offers the buyer or customer to predict the outcome of the product before they buy it. For this technology, it must be equipped with a cell phone. By pointing a cell phone camera towards the room it is in, AR adds digital elements to this scene and combines reality with virtual reality.

However, AR technology is used to achieve the desired results for customers, so that the brands with the highest sales can grow.

How do companies use it?

Cosmetics giant L'Oréal allows its buyers to virtually try their cosmetics first, and then make the final buying decision.

Another company that uses AR technology is the Swedish furniture company IKEA, which helps customers buy furniture. Using AR, they can see future results of what the item will look like after purchase.

2. Social commerce

Social commerce is similar to branding products in the image. The method promotes the customer experience so effectively that brands can easily sell their products online. How does this process work? For example, the brand posted a photo of a model wearing a cute dress and other accessories. Viewers can now see her style, which immediately lets them know where the dress is.

The marking now helps the customer to find the exact position of the dress on the Internet. This process is very popular on Instagram.

3. Voice search

Voice search is once again a highlight of Digital Marketing Trends 2020 charts. Voice search is increasingly active on users' devices, be it a cell phone, computer, or mobile phone. a vehicle. Let's take an example: if someone wants to bake brownies at home, how will they google them? He either enters "Chocolate brownie recipe" or asks for a voice search "How to make chocolate brownies at home?"

Now the differences between these two phrases are dictated by Digital Marketer's modern voice search to optimize your content for voice search as well.

To do this, they need to use long-tail keywords, use Google My Business for local searches, and include questions in their content.

4. Video download

Videos attract readers more than blogs. In this daily bustle, no one has the patience to read long content. The video makes it easier for the user to understand, and with the help of the demonstrations shown in the videos, the need for more videos is also increasing. Video images have an incredible impact on digital marketing. Therefore, Google asks video bloggers to optimize their content for better ranking. Use keywords in descriptions, titles, subtitles, and tags.

5. Social messaging apps

Today, people are opening their eyes with social messaging apps that open in the morning and close in the evening after looking at the messages they have received in social messaging apps. This allows many businesses to use these apps to get feedback, suggest new deals and discounts, launch new products, etc.

These apps have made the interaction between the buyer and the brand more convenient and easier.

To turn your digital marketing strategy into an effective one, you need to focus on these cutting edge technologies, as growth is the key to the well-being of a business.

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