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Top 6 Amazing Tips for AdWords PPC Management which Saves Your time

Proper planning and promotion is necessary to market your products and services online. Auctions for your AdWords accounts are not self-managed. So it is up to you to give your full attention to your AdWords account to manage auctions and thus be the king of PPC management.

Here are six top AdWords PPC management tips that will save you time:

Campaign diagnostics

Google's campaign diagnostics function is well known to everyone. This tool runs in the background and detects any problems or conflicts that exist in the AdWords account.

ppc management

These messages are similar to those in your AdWords account and alert all advertisers to ad group conflicts with negative keywords or no keywords. This feature is ideal for troubleshooting and is used to identify problems that could otherwise affect and affect results.

Diagnose keywords

This is another Google tool that is very useful. Quickly provide advertisers with information about which ads are being displayed for each keyword, and provide the status of "Current Ad", "Pending" or "Search Low". You need to hover over the speech bubble next to each keyword to get detailed information about it.

PPC management

Below each campaign or ad group, you will find the Diagnostic Keywords section on the Keywords tab. The new account has it in the dropdown tab for more actions.

Examples of red flags include:

Budget limited or out of stock - This message is displayed with the message "We only show your ad occasionally, depending on your budget." Unfolded.

Low Bid or Low Quality Score: This message displays with the message "This keyword triggers other ads with a similar keyword." And you can find it under Keyword campaign name> Ad group name. "

This helps identify keyword issues that don't appear to be an imminent threat.

The option for mass editions

This feature makes life a lot easier for advertisers managing their PPC through the web interface. The bulk edit feature offers many features and allows you to edit campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords with just a few clicks. Some of the more common changes to this feature include the ability to increase or decrease bids, find and replace ad text, or set new budgets.

When accessing a tab, select the Edit button from the drop-down list to display the editing options for that tab. Changes can be previewed before they are final. The bulk edit option has some limitations for advanced users, including the option to increase the highest estimated bid, etc.

Schedule reports

This option is so important, but so simple, that it is so easy to remember that you can also schedule reports from AdWords, which will automatically appear directly in your email with the statistics you want and the frequency you want. you have defined. To do this, you have to run a report and download it from any tab and select Email and Schedule report.

PPC management

You can also choose which users should receive it and how often. Or you can simply set up simple reports that can be made available to key stakeholders to keep them informed and save time by running ad hoc reports.

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List of unique keywords

Advertisers often make mistakes when adding negative keywords to ad groups and campaigns. This can be complicated and time-consuming for advertisers, and these errors can negatively affect performance.

PPC management

Google has now introduced the feature to use the list of negative keywords that can be approved for AdWords campaigns. You can easily apply negative keywords to any master list and they will be added to all campaigns that the list is associated with. This would help advertisers with multiple PPC management tasks.

Automated rules

Advertisers who are not familiar with this feature of PPC management platforms should know that automated rules are the best feature. The best thing is that things happen in the AdWords account based on the criteria given by the advertisers. This feature saves a lot of time on frequently performed and time-consuming tasks.

The most important time-saving options for automated rules are:

Edit your bids to get the ad ranking you want or to jump to the top of the page.

Enable / disable ads.

The growing budget for campaigns that perform well according to the CPA.

Changes made can be reviewed and undone in the change log. The link for the automated rules is in the navigation area next to your account and can be managed through this automated rule.

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