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Top 4 Advantages of Using Instagram Carousels

Top Benefits of Using Instagram Carousels: According to a recent study, posting to Instagram is likely to be more successful if they have an Instagram carousel on a single video or image. SocialInsider, a social media competitor analysis tool, examined more than 22 million Instagram posts, of which around 3 million were carousels.

In addition to maximum engagement, an attempt was also made to provide insight into what the most popular posts have in common. The limit is 10 images or videos per carousel. Keeping a balance becomes a

Challenge. The information can be useful for marketers to develop an effective plan for implementing carousel post ideas. Digital marketing is a way to understand the benefits of using Instagram carousels or making money from Instagram marketing. Let's understand the top four benefits of using Instagram carousels.

1. Benefits of using Instagram carousel

Instagram carousels are very popular for various purposes. Instagram post with carousel post was 2-4% in 2017, and even 19% in July 2020. The average carousel engagement rate per post is 1.92%, compared to 1.74%. % of images and 1.45% of videos.

2 .Benefits of using the Instagram carousel

It has been said that using 10 Instagram carousel slides can generate a participation rate of over 2%. However, most of these articles contain 2-4 slides. Only 6% of all carousel posts use 10 slides. Of nearly 3 million carousels, a carousel with 10 slides had the highest participation rate. It was also observed that the intervention decreases after three slides but increases again after 8 or more slides.

3 .Benefits of using the Instagram carousel

An Instagram carousel with videos and images had the highest engagement rate per post (2.33%). The carousel with the combination of videos and images is rarely used, which is 7%. 88% of carousels contain only images and 4% only videos. Mixed content carousels are not a widely used tactic, but marketers should consider their use.

4. Benefits of Using Instagram Carousel

In addition, carousels with videos offer a higher participation rate than images alone. Another cool fact about video carousels is that they generate more comments. Instagram carousels with videos only get 26 comments from each post, and mixed content gets 16 comments per post.

This leads us to conclude that image-only carousels have the least engagement in terms of

Observations. Take the advice and implement it by targeting users and online subscribers.

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