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Is link building is not in picture anymore?

There is no question that link building was violated by the remnants and leftovers of black hat tactics, which included link cultivation, paid link systems, hidden links, and spam content. However, shortly after Google released the Penguin algorithm updates in 2012 to examine these tactics, the focus shifted to white hat techniques and content quality.

Link building

This does not give any indication of the debate on whether link building is over. Some SEO experts suggest that extreme link building work is a waste of time and a violation of policy as well. While some experts suggest that link building should be a legitimate and valuable part of any SEO strategy. So decide for yourself.

Link building and quality content

Linking is likely to be a waste of time, and instead of wasting time building links, time should be spent writing better content that is focused on UX and user intent.

One of the oldest SEO tips on writing content for users, not search engines, applies to link building as well. However, you should not create links that have special SEO value, but rather create links that drive targeted traffic to your website.

Link building

For companies with limited resources and limited SEO team members, investing time in creating new, quality content is recommended.

Always expect to deliver a superior user experience designed to match the user's intent. The ultimate goal will be to get the best result. Each company should strive to be a leader in its own field. You should expect to earn links rather than build them.


As a digital marketer, it is often said that we achieve brand awareness or achieve KPIs that work with limited resources. Ultimately, you can't get to the discussion, but it could overshadow the ties with a relatively minor goal other than to establish research rankings. Much of the discussion revolved around providing users with the context and resources they are looking for.

Is link building dead?

Links can only help you rank up, but clicks help you realize that you deserve to be there.

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