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How to Plan For Your Digital Marketing Career after Completing a Course?

Once the course is finished, there are several details to understand to start a career in digital marketing. This article covers all the prospects and related challenges that are necessary for a successful career in digital marketing. Digital marketing at a broader level refers to promoting a brand through digital channels such as social media, various websites or portals, search engines, emails, and various applications. It is a technique used in digital marketing. Many people may wonder if the public gets all the information via digital channels, but what about people who are fighting for a bright future in this area? That's the answer to your question.

Why Digital Marketing Career Has a Bright Future?

1. A career in digital marketing is increasing and it should offer 1.5 lakhs of jobs by the end of 2017

2. A digital marketer can earn between INR 15,000 per month and INR 250,000 per month.

3. In the past, people did not have the knowledge to socialize and work digitally, but now that the trend has changed, the world is going digital and the world is expected to go digital in late 2020 and offer many job opportunities.

4. Technology is improving day by day. People are keen on technology. From shopping to advice, from learning to training, everything goes digital. For this reason, most companies advertise through different digital channels, which in turn creates several roles for the digital marketer.

5. Few companies subcontract this activity to different agencies. This digital marketing agency hires different executives who can work as external consultants for the company.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Executive

Search Engine Marketing / SEM Specialist

Social Media Marketing / SMM Expert

Content Marketing Manager

CRM Manager

E-Commerce Manager

Digital Agency Account Director

Web Analytics Expert

Email Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Conversion Rate Optimizer

Inbound Marketing Manager

Start Own Agency-

If you are not ready to work with someone and you want to work independently, you can create your agency, where they can only hire a few specialists who have knowledge in digital marketing and vast experience in management. employees and processes. and the stores as a whole. This can create job opportunities as well as the right amount of money for you. Most organizations prefer to have a single copywriter who has excellent writing skills. In digital marketing, professional growth as a digital marketer can include four phases:

You can start your digital marketing career as a newcomer to digital marketing until you have two years of experience and earn between 1.5 and 2.5 lakh INR per year.

If you have 3-5 years of experience, you can choose the leader of the digital marketing team with a salary between 2 and 5 lakhs.

If you want to become a digital marketing manager, you need 5 to 10 years of experience with 5 to 12 lakhs.

It takes ten years of experience to become a director of digital marketing and the salary is 15 to 25 thousand rupees.


Careers in digital marketing have a lot of freedom in terms of knowledge and making money, as well as knowing and earning a lot through different technologies. Digital marketing not only gives you the opportunity to work in new businesses, but also in large organizations, and gives you the opportunity to work as a freelancer or start your own business. There are several pillars for choosing between specialized knowledge and the way we work. As technologies continue to evolve day by day, there will be an increased demand for digital marketers in the years to come. I hope this information has given you an idea of ​​the different career opportunities in digital marketing after taking the digital marketing course and can help you achieve the job and goal of your dreams.

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