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How To Increase The Authority Of Your Blog?

Traffic is the currency that many bloggers use to define the purpose of their website. If you have four or five bloggers in a room, a discussion and debate about traffic is more likely to occur. After a while, the goal of blogging is to use smart marketing methods to increase the number of visits to your blog pages.

The emphasis on increasing page views can seem overwhelming at times, but it's understandable. In practice, blogging is primarily based on delivering a message to a wider audience interested in the topic. Since most blog monetization techniques rely on inbound traffic, they are still going strong or growing. For freelance bloggers who depend on monetizing traffic for a living, increasing visits to blog pages is an absolute must.

How can I increase the authority of the blog?

In general, the best way to increase the authority of a blog is to increase page views. Page views can be improved by two methods: content promotion and content generation.

When it comes to content advertising, bloggers need to promote their content on various digital channels like search engines, social media channels, etc. Content advertising includes not only organic social media posts, but also paid advertising through Google AdWords and social media ads.

For example, imagine a blogger who wants to drive traffic to a specific blog post. To do this, the blogger creates a paid search ad through Google AdWords and targets the keywords he thinks the target audience is likely to find.

If the ad content is relevant and the quality score is optimal, the blog post will have a high priority in inorganic search rankings. Depending on the popularity of the keyword, a reasonable budget should be set to generate enough traction. The blogger can also run paid advertising campaigns on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. at the same time.

What does this paid traffic contribute? In this example, if the blogger wants to increase traffic by promoting content, this tactic will only work for a short period of time. Once the budget for a paid search and social media campaign runs out, traffic returns to normal. Unless a blogger has a large digital marketing budget to keep increasing inbound traffic, there is no point relying on paid traffic. Cleaning up the traffic compromises the authority of the blog.

In the long term, promoting content is not a reliable strategy. Even promoting a blog through paid advertising is not enough to pay for increased traffic. To increase the authority of blogging, content advertising should be avoided as much as possible.

Content generation: the only way to guarantee a greater number of visits to the blog page

In the content creation process, bloggers create a lot of content for the blog. For a blog to be successful and generate high traffic, bloggers must achieve the highest search rankings for one or two high-volume keywords. However, it can be very difficult to find those keywords to rank for.

Only Google knows the exact search volume for a particular keyword. While there are many digital marketing tools for predicting search volume, none promise maximum accuracy.

Since search volume cannot be accurately estimated, digital marketers cannot rely on one or two SEO-optimized articles to drive home traffic. Some of the best websites in a given niche don't necessarily rank at the top of every relevant search term. Instead, they have a reasonably good search ranking for certain terms, which ultimately drives traffic to your website.

The only way to ensure that certain content ends up at the top of the SERP for a high-volume keyword is to keep creating more content. At the beginning of the life of a blog, nothing can help your inbound traffic better than regularly posting relevant niche articles that are undoubtedly optimal for SEO.

Blogging authority is much more likely to grow as organic traffic from search engines continues to grow.

As more content is published, the chances that an article will get a high search ranking for a keyword with high search volume increases. Ranking high on a keyword with high search volume will improve inbound traffic and blog pageviews. Organic visibility and improved clicks are likely to increase the blog's authority in the niche it covers.

On average, writing twenty or thirty blog posts is not enough. Many bloggers tend to believe that after writing twenty or thirty posts, they have covered their entire niche. In reality, there is always room for more content in any niche. Bloggers just need to broaden their perspective and find such content.

Finding new ideas to create content is an exhausting process. Writing as an exercise is easy for some bloggers and difficult for others, but it is still something that can be overcome with determination and hard work.

On the other hand, finding new topics is not just a function of hard work. In many cases, bloggers cannot find topics because they believe they have already covered all aspects of a niche. Writing on the same topics can cause problems when crawling the website and thus reduce the authority of the blog.

This conclusion of many bloggers is very dangerous and counterproductive. In most cases, it is almost always possible to create more content in a particular niche. By browsing Google's autocomplete search suggestions and using tools like Answer the Public, bloggers can find new keyword and topic ideas to create content.

As the amount of new content increases, the blog pages are more likely to be crawled and the authority of the blogs increases.


In summary, this article explains how bloggers can effectively and organically increase the authority of blogging. Bloggers who have invested in increasing their blogging authority should carefully consider the points made in the article and plan their content strategy accordingly.

For freelancers, blog authority is a critical metric. This not only represents the popularity of a website, but also the quality of the content written by the blogger. Bloggers from all walks of life need to hone their approach to increasing blogging authority.

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