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Government Jobs in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is in demand for quite a few years now. But still, there is a bright future for digital marketing professionals.

Recently in an article, published in economic times.

Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, CEO, Syndicate Bank said they are recruiting 500 people this financial year.

“We need a new type of manpower as they will be put in new areas like digital marketing and stressed asset recovery.

Remunerations are also attractive at the first three entry levels compared to foreign and private banks”.

This might just be the beginning, there is already a need for such talent, and once any player starts this strategy, it hardly takes any time for other players to start hiring as well.

We might see a good number of Govt to private banks hiring people with digital skills.

However, apart from jobs, there are other ways as well to make money through digital marketing.

Freelancing is another much-talked term between working professionals, as it provides them with the power to work in their spare time, that too for a handsome payout.

Companies like Amazon have started a freelance based program, where they train new talent and pay them commissions for working as freelancer consultants.


People with sound knowledge of marketplaces are already making huge profits, so anyone can start selling products on best e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

As days are progressing digital marketing is getting more advanced and complex as well, which in turn makes sure that demand in the coming future will be even higher.

Digital is for sure a futuristic knowledge, one can use it as per their needs or interest.

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