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Google introduced 3 new features to strengthen responsive display ads

Google is rolling out three new features to help with responsive display ads to improve functionality and reporting capabilities.

Video elements that support responsive display ads

Responsive display ads previously did not allow the inclusion of video elements. With the latest feature introduced by Google, video elements can now be added to responsive display ads.

Google introduced 3 new features to strengthen responsive display ads

This new feature offers a new expanded scope for a better inventory of responsive ads.

This feature allows advertisers to select up to 5 videos from their YouTube channel that they can use to display in a responsive display ad.

Functionality is similar for responsive display ads and responsive ads with video elements, including ad creation, testing, and optimization at scale.

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Responsive display ads with combined report

Google just released a new Combinations report that provides information on the performance of different combinations of creative elements.

Cpmbinations reports

This new report will help you understand the best performing item combinations that your responsive ads deliver.

The new report includes separate sections dedicated to various combinations based solely on images, text, dynamic feeds, and videos.

You need to click View ad details in the ad table, and then select the Combinations tab to access the Combinations report on your Google ads.

Ad strength dashboard for responsive ads

This new Google feature provides a dashboard that you can use to measure how well your responsive display ads are set up before they run.

Google introduced 3 new features to strengthen responsive display ads

The Google Scorecard checkpoint is an optimal number of unique titles, images, and descriptions.

It also provides some other tips that you can reveal by clicking the steps below in the dashboard.

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