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Crucial Steps for setting up an e-commerce business.

If you plan to start your business online, you must follow these steps before starting your website.

1. Setting up an e-commerce website: If you plan to start an e-commerce business to sell your products, the first thing to do is choose a suitable platform on which to grow your business. Some of the good business management tools available in the market are Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, and Ecwid.

Check out all the features available on these platforms and which one best suits your needs. Depending on your needs, you want to choose the correct platform. Also check prices according to your business model as prices can affect your overall business costs.

2. Google Analytics Settings: Analytics allows you to track your website traffic. They know how many visitors have visited your site, where they are from, what type of device they have used, how long they have spent on the site on average, as well as demographics, such as age range and gender. This type of information helps you draw meaningful conclusions about your marketing plans and can optimize your strategies for better conversions.

3. Conversion Tracking - After setting up the scan, you must also set up the conversion tag. This way you can pursue your goals, for example. B. Login to your website, sales or calls to your business. You can also configure event tracking to track certain information, such as the number of video views, PDF downloads, or clicks on call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

This is important to track your conversions based on your budget and overall business goals.

4. Remarketing Tags: This is one of the most powerful functions in the world of online advertising. If you don't set up remarketing, you will likely lose the majority of your converted customers. Remarketing allows you to show ads to customers who have visited your website before.

Today, 70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so most customers are on the go and spend relatively less time on your website. You want to track the people who added products to your cart but left them for some reason. By following these types of customers, you can offer them personalized and targeted advertising and then reconsider your products.

5. Email automation setup: If someone visits your website and fills out a form, they should confirm it with an automated email. You can also configure triggered emails based on the day, time, and type of activity. Strong strategic email accounted for 80% of B2B sales, according to the survey.

6. Facebook Pixels: Remarketing on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram requires adding Facebook pixels to your website. This is a great way to keep track of your target audience on social media and run ads for people who have already engaged with your website.

7. Google my business: before starting your website and sharing it with your clients or people on the web. Submit and publish your business on Google My Business so Google can share information about your business with them when they search for your business name. Google displays information such as your website address, contact details, opening and closing hours, directions on the map, and more.

In particular, it helps your business promote direct store entry when people search for nearby businesses on their mobile phones. And Google can recommend your business to you.

8. Webmasters and SEO: Now, if you are creating a website, the best thing you can do is tell Google that a website like yours will be canceled by submitting it to Google Webmasters. Before submitting your website, it is recommended that you do some search engine optimization, especially on-page search engine optimization, so that when Google scans your website, you can know what type of website you have and on what products or services specializes. it may well index your website and possibly display it for related searches.

9. Develop strong strategies: Above all, get a good flow of users, after all, all we do is better conversions and better deals. Therefore, a smooth user experience on your website and other platforms is very important.

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