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Are you aware of these latest Content Marketing Trends 2020 for your website?

Content Marketing Trends 2020: Content Marketing is the practice of producing valuable content to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Compared to conventional marketing, content marketing is an effective and proven medium. Several well-known brands in the market have used it to increase sales and attract potential customers. Statistics show that content marketing attracts three times more potential customers than paid advertising, and 55% of marketers said that content marketing and creating content for their blogs was their marketing priority. (Learn advanced content marketing course with best digital marketing course in Delhi, Trinetra initiative.)

Content Marketing Trends 2020: Why is content marketing better than traditional marketing?

Times are changing, as is marketing. Traditional marketing is not personalized and does not connect well with customers, which is a huge disadvantage. Traditional marketing includes print media such as magazines, newspapers and brochures, telephone or telemarketing announcements, billboards, and popular television commercials.

Television advertising is the most popular and expensive type of traditional marketing, which we are seeing gradually becoming less effective and slower. Most of the people stop watching television due to the availability of various streaming services.

Traditional marketing is not the preferred choice of marketers, especially those with many young viewers. Instead, they focus more on the type of marketing that can help them connect with their audience. Content marketing is one of those strategies.

Benefits of content marketing

By creating valuable content, companies encourage people to comment on it and share it with others who may think it is relevant. This not only creates brand awareness, but also creates awareness of your business and convinces people to buy your product or service.

Attend 2020 content marketing and social media

Content marketing is directly related to social media, as you can post and share your content on your social media profiles to achieve higher levels of engagement. It also offers the ability to perform various tasks such as: B. interacting with your customers, both publicly in comments and privately in direct messages

2020 content marketing trends

A social media account allows people to ask questions that you can answer quickly. This will help you connect with your customers and encourage them to come back to you more often to purchase the products or services you offer. Creating content often gives you a higher ranking on search engine pages so many people can find you. Through content, people find websites and then decide whether to press the call-to-action button, the newsletter subscription, or the buy button.

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