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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Changing the image of your business at all levels is a long and complicated process in which a lot is possible

Your SEO is woefully wrong with each other. It's pretty obvious that you've worked for years to improve your SERP rankings. If your business now has a new name or has moved its content to a new website, your SEO strategy needs to be reconsidered.

How do you avoid a drop in your website ranking when you have a new, naturally new website?

Keywords to optimize?

Wondering how you can make this transition as smooth as possible? Well, through this blog we will try

Answer this question immediately.

For those who wish to change their domain name and change it quickly, some factors are explained below.

Consider SEO-friendly name change and domain migration.

Important SEO Considerations for Rebranding and Domain Migration

1. Generate signals in advance

Start creating tokens before migration using the old website and domain the tokens will be issued from

The short-term transition makes the process easier for both your users and Google.

Signals to increase the appearance of both websites / brands can be generated in different ways:

First, internally through content and metadata changes, and then externally through traditional changes


2. Maintain URL structures

When migrating domains, changes to URL structures and content placement can create potential risks.

So if you keep the same or similar URL structures and keep the content levels, there are several things you can avoid.

these risks This also simplifies the redirection.

Please note that Google never forgets a tracking path. Over time, the above URL will include links that

it has undergone changes and a possible restructuring in itself.

3. Consider researching old brands through content

If you switch from Brand A to Brand B, your prospects will continue to search for the old one.

It has been marking for many years, because it is a human tendency. Update your blogs, FAQ section, and support section so users can connect.

4. Generate new signals

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when rebranding and migrating domains is their perspective

Traffic and KPI classification. It does not generate new signals for the new domain by creating a link.

digital strategies or even traditional marketing to take into account when changing brands or

Domain change

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