Personality Enhancement

Course Price

15000/- Incl GST

Course length

2 months


About the course

Trinetra Initiative a Skill Development Program Powered by Veneficus Technologies Private Limited company and Aditya Birla Capital Finance Support

Program Description

Gone are the days where academics and basic qualifications were enough to help one climb the ladder or gain employment where they wish. One's personality now plays a huge and integral role in their success and how they're perceived in business environments. It's never to early or late for personality enhancement for anyone who wishes to succeed. We wish to help you find the balance between professional excellence and a personality that exists in accordance to that excellence.

Our goal is to help you ascertain all-around excellence and diversify your portfolio in such a way that you always stand out and are entirely unforgettable. Your social capital in business settings will, thus, be maximized.

Main features

Balance your professionalism with a personality to match
Build confidence in your abilities
Stand out in a crowd and become more memorable
Improve your image in business
Learn to take more initiative and leadership roles

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