Leadership Skills

Course Price

10,000/- Incl GST

Course length

2 months


About the course

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Program Description

Business leadership involves the ability of the management of an organization to achieve goals, act decisively, and beat its competitors while instilling the performance spirit within the organization. Business leadership is important because it touches both the internal and the external stakeholders within the industry and beyond. At some point, we all have to step into the shoes of the leader and take hold. Many may crumble under this pressure and, with that, comes consequences for one's ability to climb the ladder. If you wish to succeed, you must also learn to lead.

The purpose of this program is to instill the confidence, initiative, and ambition that it takes to lead in addition to helping you learn to lead effectively. Business leadership training helps executives to set business direction, successfully implement strategies and boost the performance of individuals and teams.

Main features
Install confidence
Plan effective business strategies
Boost team performance
Promote initiative
Learn to handle groups and pressure

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