Business English Communication Skills

Course Price

10,000/- Incl GST

Course length

2 months


About the course

Trinetra Initiative a Skill Development Program Powered by Veneficus Technologies Private Limited company and Aditya Birla Capital Finance Support

Program Description

Do you find yourself falling behind on the formal language and jargon of a business environment? Many struggle with this ability and the purpose of this program is to help you feel comfort in any business environment - no matter how formal. For many, this inability to communicate effectively in Business English can have dire consequences. It can make adjustment to new environments difficult which in turn makes assimilation and networking infinitely more difficult. It also inhibits one from being able to work efficiently and effectively. With this context, it's important for all to work actively to improve their English Business communication skills.

The program will teach you how to communicate specifically in an English-speaking business environment. This could help you communicate better, network better, and, above all, feel confident when investing time in your workplace.

Main features

Build confidence in a business environment
Increase efficient and effective communication skills
Learn to communicate formally and professionally
Maximize your presence in your workplace

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