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Mr . Ravi Singh Kushwaha 

Follow your Guts 

& it will lead you..

Fdr @ Veneficus Technologies Pvt Ltd, Trinetra Skill Development Program, Digital Marketing along with Employment Consulting & Corporate Trainer.

Work Experience -

 5yrs in International Client Handling and Sales & Management till 2018 Jan  Since then Digital Marketing Trainer .


Achievements - 

 Trained for Sales and Marketing - More then 1000+ Candidates

Motivated more then 600+ Candidates

Career Counseling done of more then 700+ Candidates 


Delivered more than 12 Motivational Speeches and Digital Marketing Workshops .


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Instagram - ravi.rk78660

facebook Pages - TrinetraskillDevelopment, Fitnessmyworld  , Shades of struggle Etc

Youtube - Shadesofstruggle

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